Dancing Tortuga

Abre Los Ojos

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…

This past weekend I spent in San Francisco.  There, I met some old friends, angry hippies, and a porn actor names Ziggy San Antonio aka “The Coconut King”.  Some gentle and some not so gentle.  The reasons for this west coast rendezvous? (in no specific order of appearance)

1) To dance like I had never danced before with the beautiful Katy Dean and to hold, hold, hold all of my lovely, beautiful best friends from Screwston.   There really is nothing better than being in a sweet embrace with old friends who you haven’t seen in a while.  Friends who you have taken you smoked your first joint with, drove your first road trip with, got drunk for the first time with, and beyond.  Then place this experience in Golden-gate park, surrounded by Red Woods, rarefied air, and good music.  Heavenly.

2) To be reunited with the JOD crew… JOD = Jail or Dead.  A crew that has been together since that fateful day in March… a day when people flew in from Los Angeles, Chicago, and various other places that I can’t recall at the moment, probably due to the debauchery that was Snowball.  Anyways,  we all came together with one vital thing in common: we love to have a good time, and no one will ever EVER get in the way of that.  There is really too much to say about that trip and the creation of JOD… so that story will have to wait for another day…. and oh, that day will come.

3) To take in the beautiful, alive city with magical, rarefied air with my lover.  The person who loves San Francisco above all cities, and after this weekend I completely understand why.   Some of my favorite moments were walking the streets with him taking in the sights: the beautiful architecture, china town, the ocean, the homeless crazy bums….

In short, I was with some great people.  An outstanding crew.  tbc


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